Friday, April 20, 2012

Woman are not straightforward; but they are not so difficult too..

When a woman permits a man to "go". She actually mean him to stay and say he will not leave....... saying from life experience ..

You need to be soft when you want her to understand something; as heart has understood, mind opens up...

They they they "all" lovvve surprises, they will graciously offer you all chances and hints to be surprised, you have to be just a little girlish to get into this. But She will be proudly fan of you after this..

Woman howsoever compete with men in professional field but in personal meet they want to be cuddled like a soft toy ..finally they are softer creation of nature.

Woman have a 6th 7th or 10th sense to know who in world around is interested in them you can never hide it and she is never unaware of it.....

Most of woman i have met, want to talk talk talk and talk. Kindly understand thats never finished. So, after a long chatting day, don't hope for a kiss without another
chatting of hours.

They have natural need of getting flattered day after day everyday for everything they wear, from the one, they fell in love with...have patience.

They remember and by heart every lil promises you made when you were just kidding..hehe its not a joke dear ..