Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

normally is SELinux enforcing is true i wsnt able to ftp to my pc from remote site

I found out that disabling SELinux solved the problem (watch out for any security issue that might bring)...
To disable SELinux, edit /etc/sysconfig/selinux and put it to 'disabled' (again, make sure you don't lower too much the security of your box)...

in fedora core 5 i believe this can be fixed by going to Security Level and Firewall then the SELinux tab. Then click modify SELinux Policy, ftp and make sure "Allow ftp to read/write in the user home directories" is checked.

Or, just use

/usr/sbin/setsebool -P ftp_home_dir 1

That worked for me.

/usr/sbin/setsebool -P ftp_home_dir 1

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Timestamp-to date

Some times I find it difficult to convert the number of seconds from epoch into human readable timestamp. Normally these number of seconds are stored for references as they are easy to manage. Here is the command which we can use in Linux:

date -d@1219310725

This will return

LINUX---adding directory recursively to cvs

It is a tedious task to add a complete directory structure to CVS. Please use these simple commands to add files/directories recursively

find . -type d -print | grep -v CVS | xargs -n1 cvs add
find . -type f -print | grep -v CVS | xargs -n1 cvs add

Monday, August 18, 2008

How to learn while being alert ..

Whenever you face some prob while studying i feel we shd not read text and just blindly start on thinking the same lines as book is saying i found that we should take it as its a problem with the arrangement of things or in some small household practical terms....try to modulate it in some practical terms

(let me give you an example in multitasking i had to give a schedule for my PC for many tasks where some tasks had priority p1 p2 p3 and so on some had deadlines d1 d2 d3 and so on i was to decide schedule for it . the book gave a schedule i understood that but cd nt own it i mean i cd nt know why only this YES ASK YOURSELF WHY ONLY THIS...WHY ONLY THIS SOLUTION ...then ask your mind HEY MIND what other solution do you have if not this ...
then i modulated the prob in terms i do cooking job in kitchen had a few jobs with priority p1 p2 p3 and some jobs with deadline d1 d2 d3 and so on i scheduled them in best way and ...that's all )

then if it was that very practical prob what wd have been a solution to this

(actually this step brings you in comfort zone with the problem you stop fearing from the problem as if it ws sth from outside .)
now try to give best of the solution.
now if your solution is actually best it will match the book's solution and you are WINNER
but if it is not the best solution then you will find some other solution in book then try to fight with book giving problems you feel the other solution will give and you feel your solution will not face. and .....................................keep it up ...
see yourself getting defeated(OR WIN BUT IN RAREST CASE ...Be Honest !!!) in the process by book's solution in this way you will learn where you were lacking in your solution.
(this way you wont be just a passive entity who only learns a solution when its given ,you will be the one who can create solutions to the problem as book does. trust me!!!!! )
you will learn book's solution through the tight fight but it will be really permanent because you have lived the every nuances of the problem now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They are different

By telling a lie or by deceiving even if we are benefited....then also dont follow the path
..but by being true and honest.. even if we r putting ourself at loss clearly
..still try truth once.......give it a try at least once...there is a power waiting for you to follow it and it will start working in your favour and against in the other case .....

"as mahabharata teaches us that arjun wasnt any one special for krishna it was his authentic karma
according to dharma which has made krishna to be his driver in the biggest battle of his life"

"the man inside you should not die ..may be man outside may have to die once "

if man outside dies in front of people then one day you will be above all ..
whole world will be on your feet trust me people are craving for a true man ...

i have seen admired and identified people who have not been actually social workers.. may not have been in lead of sacrificing social servicemen ..they have just worked in their only field of expertise to the best possible truthful and honest way as is maximum possible

but they are ideal of many ,they are respectable ,they are getting bharat's biggest awards ..they are representing nation.. they are icons.. they are trustworthy ..people can die to save them ..they are nation's asset ...

like Amitabh Bachchan Ratan tata ..bigbajaar idea..mukesh ambani etc......
all of them have a common distinct quality to work for people apparently not directly working for them ..

they actually seemingly might have not done anything for public welfare..........
but if u try to see them closer u will find the only work they do not anyone working ordinarily for himself in his area ..their hard work may be in only their own field but is dedicated to people service ...they have tried their best that people some how through any dimension or through any angle ..if can be should get benefited from their services...
their may be smallest service but it should be in the direction of changing scenes of world positively ....

THAT's the CRUX behind those SOLID IRON characters and their character's only distinguishes these personalities far above people ....


Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Possibilities

My Page of gratitude

out of those many i m grateful to ...mentioning a few..

papa - Mr. K K hada...He is a man who is capable to remember roots even when he is touching skies.
he has shown me a new benchmark of humanity not by his words but by his actual deeds in my life.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

indian youngsters current situation

Many of you might have been surprised over maid working at our home or coolie at stations could someone work so hard at such a low rate....... but we use them buy them get benefits ...and i must say they are also not forced they come in huge number every day ...we can say its a WIN -WIN situation for both BUT pl think again is it actually win win for BOTH ???i think i am getting agreement of many of us ...
but i think may be a win situation for us as we get an alive human being at a cost lesser than cost of a dog.....
i.e we import cheap labour from different poor parts of country to our states to serve us....i think same is the case with many of us today ......

But let's open eyes for some time at least ...try to find answer for a few questions
Why do we study for those 16 years The most basic question ..many answers ...but the most frequent and loud is TO EARN...TO EARN...................................................(continuously hammering in everyone's ears is ..TO EARN)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THEIR LIES THE PROBLEM...............................................................................................
"if you teach your child that money is the most imp thing in world then Be Ready he will sell himself for money someday " By shiv khera
we thrive upon these thoughts from our early days that we are studying hard so that ....we can earn more ......and that poor child thriving upon that "ONE LINE VALUE" run after engineering degree leaving physics chemistry biology maths behind for only last rankers he may pursue
mechanical/civil /electrical/electronic which so ever engineering But instead of having intended different vision depending on his specialisation--has the only ONE LINE VISION is to earn money ....and therefore
when they out to choose from ..=> OUTPUT is only one Software Engineer ...because
That innocent robot gets to know that One Line Value is fulfilled only in SOFTWARE and
he forgets everything else he forgets digital electronics ,forgets microprocessors , transistors motors rotors torque,solid liquid gas he sees one thing is software ....
then a question arises in perplexed mind If this was the decided only output ..then why I spent all time reading bullshit for those four years ...Was that for the purpose of studying, passing and forgetting then again and then doing sth else ....
But again he thinks"ONE LINE VALUE" and finds that motto getting satisfied may be at any cost and
finally the martyr is SATISFIED ..not guilty at all for selling himself as he did what his values said all time..........................................
but is he Happy also ???? lets see...........
we see starting from iitians to any small private college , engineering student running after anything which fetches more money .....
then my question is is really that ALL what we want ????
please self contemplate for a second is that sufficiently we had ever wished for ................
Was that the same dream we possessed while we studied for past 6 yrs from 10th std to 4th yr of BTech.
Will we sell ourselves to be bullock carts only if we get huge money for that ..
...NO NO NO...

money fetching is not the only thing that can make us "happy"(pl don take this word lightly happy just doesnt mean only money ) for a human being to be actually happy he needs some time for himself ,for his creativity, for his ideas to prosper, for innovation ,for his family ,for his identity to get recognition ...which in current situation is getting trampled due to degrading values of all of us .......

ask yourself which field you are getting into ? why were you studying so hard ?what will you do one day ....?why have you opted for electronics / electrical/mechanical /civil or computer science it only coz that was what all left for you or you had a desire to work pl keep that burning ...i will repeat pl keep that desire burning ...
Go to the field you have worked upon for all time .Dont let yourself to be a robot holding a B Tech degree who can be refreshed and programmed at any time ..WAKE UP !!!! wake up ..don ruin your precious time in serving some brainless but rich foreigners ..wait and work hard but your own things .. IT MAY BE DIFFICULT BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE choose your way ...
Try to choose the best path fetching Happiness and money both
and leave the workplace with a relived sigh ...humming music coz You did something today for ur souls not only served someone today ..........

love marriage arrange marriage

i think whichever it is consequence is almost same except the fact that in one you blame your parents for the match in other your parents blame you for the match forever ...........

i think its actually incomplete phrase
love --> marriage --> what ?
arrange --> marriage --> what ?
so me and my hubby completed them like this
me: love/arrange marriage "ghar ki murgi daal ..."
he: love/arrange marriage "naukar biwi ka.."
me: love/arrange marriage "prisoner ..."
he: love/arrange marriage "bankrupt.."
me: love/arrange marriage "carefree ..."
he: love/arrange marriage "responsibility.."
....will write more later


I feel if somehow two terrorists collapse with each other we shdnt stop them coz who so ever may win society will be benefited that's for sure ...

chatter box..

sometimes i think people say to know purpose of life purpose of life by sitting still talking to urself ..i talk to myself and i get to know all the answers which ppl say u shd not get it that i havnt reached that state of mind ..but when will i is going day by day one more day ahead ..if i get to knw purpose only at end ..when they say u don get a single sec more ..oh then i will ...may be repent ..


how to study with disciplne and tricks

**Study should be not to just learn but to question and device something new ..
question question ..coz by asking question you may be considered fool by many for a few moments
but by not asking question you will be fool forever :)
**learnt that if while studying we study as if the text written in front of me is by my biggest enemy i m going to find some of his mistake ..we are more alert while studying get to know much more.
**after reading a few pages stop give a break talk to urself what have u learnt ..u will get many corners lying blank
** do more than what is required .. i mean a bit extra .. do all what everyone is doing and a bit more ..
this bit more takes a winner far ahead ..
**repeat this mantra
"i m more than what i appear to be the whole world's strength and power resides in me .Its my birth right to desire and get the best of this world"

My Experiences & Thoughts

I have learned that

**A calm mind only can solve someone's or his own probs ..
Dont think what others are thinking about you as they are busy in thinking whar you are thinking about them

**Have "Definite Lifetime" of everything i.e have a limit that after this i wont be doing it .and
see how fast you will finish don make things and indian wedding

**Thoughts become things ...aaj nahi to kal but thoughts become things .....

**if you lose touch with your inner stillness you lose touch with yourself
and if you lose touch with yourself , you lose yourself in the world......

**suggestion should be given only in two cases once its asked or otherwise its dying situation.

**before making any blunder there is always just a point of time when we hear voice from inside to go back and rectify it ..we just need to hear it..

**universe is readily waiting to give us what we sole heartedly desire for ..
Before you do anything , think .If you do something to try and impress someone, to be loved,accepted or even to get someone's attention , stop ...stop and think.
So many people are busy trying to create an image , they die in the process.....(Salma Hayek)

**The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself .Therefor all progress depends on the unreasonable man "(George Bernard shaw)

**Holding Onto anger is like grasping onto a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else.and you are the one who gets burnt ...Gautam Buddha

**icha ka ho to acha ..icha ka na ho to zyada acha ..(Hariwanch Bachchan)

**i have learnt that from Mohit (my husband) Be sad, be depressed ,be surprised ,and be happy but for subtle small time and move on ........move on (Mohit told it )

**Dont fear from death but fear from Unlived life ...........loved it .....from a movie

**you are average of the 5 people you are most close to in your day to day life.(I copied it )

**if there is some problem in world then there is solution for it and if someone can find that solution then i can be that someone.(I liked it ..thought it too :) )

**Nothing is too small to know and too big to attempt (I read it )

**The secret of getting started is breaking
your complex, overwhelming tasks into
small manageable tasks, and then
starting on the first one (I experienced it !!)

**The day you are happy because of someone else .you are creating void in happiness and readying to be sad again (I faced it !!)

**I have felt that smile can be heard in the words someone is saying ..(I sensed It )

**I feel that we spend whole of our lives, in teaching how to do any task , to a such a non sense entity; who cant take even a single decision, what to do in a situation by itself .
I have to program it for all situations in the world .
Still i say it is smarter than me ...what an irony
then i realize how enormously programmed i am from God !! (I felt it )

**just stating that we are girls doesnt soothe the fact that we leave our parents for ever for someone (I say that !! )

**sons are sons till they meet their wives, daughters are daughters throughout their whole lives

**Its more satisfying to realize you are there in a job not only for perk but also for work !!(I Realized !!)

**i cant say women are better than men or not but i can firmly say that they are NO WORSE !!(I read it)

**sometimes when one is quiet doesnt mean one is silent , because otherwise crowd of dumbs should achieve state of meditation ,in silence they thrive in.(i thought it !! )

*** i was condescendingly surprised to see violence , but when i started it instead of still condemning ..... i understood the rationale behind it !!!(i got to know it)

**Irony is: I shd have been deluged with gud frends,in need time, w.r.t number of requests, i get from many, who want to be my orkut/facebook friend everyday-- (i learnt that ppl still dont understand what a friedn mean !! )


**if i do yoga at day start it actually should move along with me whole day .which seems from my day's behaviour ..
if i can transform any troublesome situation's result to a positive result that's yoga with me by add sweetener to a few things a day start rupantaran of a few things coming to ur way .....
**before getting any bad result in life there is always one finest point whee we can go back and revert whole scene.

**thoughts become things may not be today but thoughts become things

**people who have gone beyong imaginable heights have been those who were not only professionally skilled or extraordinarily intelligent ...but those who were may be second in these but were really generous and human loving and took a responsibility to improve world around them ...
u may take tata , big bajaar , reliance ...all had skill but more than that a will to improve world ..that takes them far ahead of all in their league

**People like an artificial flower to be just like real and real flower to be as flashy as artificial , We want soft toy to be as real as real puppy and real dog to be as soft as soft toy ,We want a painting to be as real as a lady in reality and a lady to be as defined as a painting
Are we confused what we want ?

**At a point i was told to do what i feel interested in only then i will be fully into that work.
At other point i was told to take my interests totally to where i work that's called sayanm(in hindi) (self control)