Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me , my husband and SRK Vs Amitabh

if you are true indian must be a fan of bollywood and cricket and if you are fan of cricket then you must be fan of sachin tendulakar OR if you are a bollywood freak then you HAVE to be fan of Amitabh that's what i learnt after my marriage.

This is about me who had no interest in watching movies before i got married, for me it was a waste of precious time which i could spend deep in either slumber or in my self help books. But you know, you will see that Its some trick of God that he makes two opposite poles to get married so that those joke books which are getting high sales on the basis of "miya biwi jokes" keep getting sold.
But in any case It happens...that's an undeniable fact .I have couples of my age all around me, cribbing over their differences in nature. Sometimes i feel, how bad GOD must be in organizing people, For If i can see that husband of couple 'X' suits more to wife of couple 'Y' then why cant he see the simple fact !! ..
But i guess he also enjoys these little mirchi fights and why wont he ? If i was given a chance
to edit BIG BOSS to make it a bit better then Would i ever remove those mirchi masala fights no never !! Everyone enjoys them ..May be god also is enjoying challenges in his worldly game by bringing unlike people together and
On the other side who knows what all differences then would have come into light when these two similar looking would have been together ..
Actually there is nothing that exist and called "perfect matching couple" as once i read in a mail that "Happily Married" is an oxymoron(is a combination of words wherein two words are opposite in meaning from each other).
Oh i forgot yeah i was telling about my routine face to face struggle with amitabh bachchan in small house of mine.

Its like I mistakenly dared to like SRK as many girls like me do.Now my husband, as must be "diamond clear" till now, was in opposite party. A movie "chak de india" got released just after our union in the 'lifetime bond of marriage' but at that time i wasnt much aware of the other affair of my husband (yeah i dont mind mentioning it now , i accepted it very soon that its there). But i realized it when i heard all criticism of SRK's chak de india as of every other movie which i ever liked in my life, Of SRK , like devdas etc and eulogy for Big B.
But surprising was the fact that critics in papers were praising movie but the only critic who used to criticise movie, was in my house.
Then slowly i got to know the actual reason behind that low rating of "chak de india" in my house.It was, no wonder no doubt that i was dwelling in Amitabh bachchan ji's ilaakaa(in hindi) .

If he doesnt mind me disclosing it then you know sometimes i feel he has some past life relationship with Big B.As slowly his walking,speaking,dressing ,dancing everything has started resembling to Big B more than what abhishek bachchan's does.

From then any movie means you can name any movie in which Big B is there we used to watch it in mutiplex on the pretext of good movie .As if he can never be in a flop movie and vice versa is also true.
The Most interesting part of story is My husband never accepts frankly that its amitabh only he is going for.What he claims is Movie is so good
"From past 1 year everyone says its gonna be Big B's best performance ever !! What dhamaka BIg B will do this time!!"
You can clearly see shine in his eyes for his all time love , inflated pupils, childlike excitement, oblivious of all hullabaloo of life. There has been times when we were in non talking terms but because of BIg B's new release he patched up so that we could go together to watch it.On similar lines there has been times when we are so cozy in every term and i tried to prove exaggerated hype of BIG B and ended up with divorcing chaos between us.

Still in his words "its not for BIG B, we are watching movie just because its a good movie".
As all Men you know, they cant give up on ego. Then i gave into his likings and accepted whole heartedly that Big B is the BEST.
Now My man says "see i told you even my younger brother Sonu accepted one day that Big B is best ...even you have accepted it now ..everyone will some day."
Then i thought of course sneakingly "i can understand what all torture Sonu had to go through when he would not be liking Big B" .............
Then i would say its not that without reason i call him GANGSTER ....... :)

he would kill me if he reads it .................

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I want to die on a single day !

"Go after knowledge and pursue your interest , success will follow you " says aamir khan in movie "3 idiots".I felt like someone has given words and strength to my dormant malnourished thoughts.
i loved these words as for once i felt that enough is enough!!
After conceding to facts that are scribbled in Hindu scriptures that "i am there forever after this life too" i still would like to state to my parents, to society in which i habitated and to everyone around me that i can see and remember only what's happening with me in this life.
I have one life given to me with the simplest intention by HIM is to "be happy ". But in the hard effort of trying to be happy, i started traversing regions which society considers, will make me happy and i kept on telling myself time and again that i am happy in that only.

I forgot that its me running after success can be easily successful if i start enjoying what i am doing .Then i decided
that i want to study and work only what interests me .
Now at least i would read what i enjoy .I would not let any more days in craving for something else and indulged in doing something else.I would live and die doing what i enjoy most .

May be i am not most affluent person at end time but i will be really happy that i am dying on only the actual day not each day when i was given a chance to live.
1)woh taiyaar hain sehne ko har gum, ek agli saans ki chah mein
aur hum hain ki har gum par, khudkushi kar rahe hai ..

2)when i want to talk -- i ask for your time my dear 
when we get  time, i ask for your mood to bear
when we have mood and time, i ask for your patience to hear
when we have time mood and patience ---

i say my deep grim story -- of my long caressed dreams --
not  only of career but also of relation love gleams

so long i waited silently for this moments when you are there
to be with my soul moaning for a friend from long with tears

when i find you angry on slightest of talk..
i feel like i have no one who is mine , here
i feel like you are leaving me alone there
i feel like keeping quiet wasn't that tough
the one i face now is more rough

again i go into silence
waiting for my dear friend, lost in woods of work & his duties

where from this anger has come
that has made you turn a deaf ear
to my call
where from this feeling come which
asks me to go very far, very very far instead of
longing to stay with you for whole life
till HIS call.

i feel like my love is no where now
i feel like i am there just like that, there now
i feel like its not the right way of life i lead
i feel like there is so much more we can have ..
so much has changed ,a little softer heart to understand
is all i NEED

i am alone , i will be left alone ,