Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are happy at 10 pm and sad at 6 am ...

We are sometimes happy when we sleep, as when we sleep we are close to those things which are so difficult to get when we are awake.
we can feel them,we get same pleasure which we will obtain, when actually we will get them ....so enjoy sleeping and dreaming ...its gud yaar ......

Monday, June 28, 2010

i see you ....

i see you ..

i realize that when

your existence becomes easy
then i think of all things that are starry ;
things other than you seem more cheesy !!

but at a time

when your existence itself becomes
the highest i can ask for ......
then those lavish desires seem so useless
i have 'want' for ........

i see you when i sit alone there
on same table holding a glass of juice

i see you when i feel same smell in air
and wind blow in the same speed

i see you when i see colors suddenly around me
if ever i lift my face while walking down there ....

i see you when i cross the place you used to sit
and the stairs where you crossed me to go ahead

i see you , when i feel like holding an arm ,
just above the elbow , it was a bit rough out there
the roughness assured me that it was there .....

i see you , when i , suddenly stepped towards work
there was that bus you used to get down,
come towards me , in all fights even
waiting just there for me , with a smile as a crown !!

i feel you .. when i go back ,
suddenly find you are sitting there once a while ,
on some of the random seat ........
passing a smile ...........

i see you when its tough and heavy for my arms
i see you when there is not a single ear
to hear my qualms .................

i see you when my door opens suddenly , just before lunch
when there is no one to pay for my brunch

when its unknownness in each eye
i feel you were there when its too far you
just like that far moon in sky .................

but the difference is
you are now more with me in each moment
than you were ever before
as its
when your existence itself becomes
the highest i can ask for ......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what people will remember about me

i have learned that people will forget what you said , people will forget what you did , but people will never forget how you made them feel !!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It may not be apparent -- but i have possibilities ...

We know ourselves only that much as is told by people around us , about us.

I know myself, assuring it i make a statement about myself, based on the few events i remember involving me.
But those are only "events",its not necessary that for same event our reaction will be same next time too.For a particular event our reaction is sum of total state of mind , people, environment at that particular time.That doesnt give us a factual knowledge about who we are .
Resultantly when we make a statement about us, we feel doubtful, Am i like that ? will i always behave like that ?
And then in our doubtful state , people around us overpower our thoughts, start controlling our image in our eyes.We start trusting what they tell us , about who we are !!

Now important point is, That observation by people is again based on just events.Still we trust
it and make it truth of our life.

How could someone summarize me when i am, who is living every moment with myself, is so unsure about me?
"you cant do it.I know you "As My friend tells me......
How could someone know me in entirety? There can be thousand unraveled aspects of mine,
with which i might do wonders, which might falsify him totally ...... Yes it may ...

But before pointing anyone for inducing self inferiority in me ... i should ask myself ....At this stage of life , some very simple but pertinent questions ..

Why have i stopped experimenting,exploring with new things, considering benchmarks of my life's few good/bad experiences ? Does getting more experience mean becoming so rigidly intellectual that we dont give IT a try at least ?How can i assume its all i know about "me" and nothing more than that is left which will astonish me ?

Do i dare to meddle with unknown today, as i used to when i was single ?Moreover Did i dare to play with frightening unknowns as i could when i was a child ?

It seems then i was naive on earth wrapped in innocence of childhood , could take any challenge. As i dint know stairs once but without making long risk analysis i tried it yeah!! i just tried it once and many more times..I remember falling from my bicycle so many times before i could just ride it in my street, from one end to other, smoothly.
Important thing is falling at that time never added more weight to my shoulders as it does today , rather it excited me wonderfully.
As growing old on the earth , i am becoming more aware , i am becoming more knowledgeable , with that i am becoming more fearful.yes in very simple words FEARFUL......

Sounds so unfamiliar may be "Whom do i fear ?" One might question ...
I say "from everything..." we have stopped living with free spirit , have stopped being IMPROMPTU Its planning planning planning --- for everything is result of fear, we have, from everything that has possibility to happen in future.

I myself felt my whole day goes in maintaining tiny things ,pending lists of tasks, so that life next day goes smooth , but then i stop and wonder .. Where has life lost in between ????? .........................

Things to organize life, so that we can enjoy later, has consumed whole life itself ...
One of my friend spends time in cleanliness of house to the extent that before she gets time to enjoy that cleanliness turn of next round of cleanliness comes :)
Even I myself sometime while exercising tire myself so much , that when it comes time to work with "that healthy body" i tend to sleep .....
you know someone said .....i spent whole life in stringing and unstringing my guitar to play best music piece some day.

in brief what i mean to say we will have to see priority of things to see our " possibilities" , Certain things are just to smoothen flow of life that is not LIFE itself

We should wake up knowing that its a new life of one day span and sleep thinking one life is over That means Every day i should balance between Enjoyment and Work and instead of leaving enjoyment pending for some other day, some other month OR to some other unpredictable but Planned year !! .

Should hug challenges with the excitement of seeing unknown colors of life as after every such challenge i come out more stronger.Should not anticipate my capabilities and should never even let others to do that
as its impossible to anticipate what i am upto

.........and simplest funda is live everyday Fully ...
enjoy it love everyone around Its too small span of life to hate people ... Love and stay happy Enjoy what we do ............

what surprises me!!

A man whom everyone saw that he killed people brutally in open. Still it took 1 year to prove the same .Not even that same thing will have to be proved right again in all higher courts now !!
I think .. What would be fate of those killers who kill secretly.
Poor criminal will have to wait long for judgement in indian courts
on the pretext of democracy in india.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"what do you think ..he was conducting a survey "he said ..

Its when, i was traveling from Mumbai to Madras for IIT interview after clearing GATE exam.I boarded the train at 3 pm from CST.
Now at around 8 pm a man with pen & paper was coming from other end of my compartment, asking loudly from every one "veg or nonveg ? ".
I, as you might find it difficult to believe, got not at all confused and replied
that I was VEG from my side upper seat .Okay it went well and as it went well, I slept then.

Now at 9 pm that man came again,tapped me and offered me a plate of dinner.
Me coming out of sleep, peeped out of blanket told him "thanks i dont require .".
He said "require means you have ordered it . you will have to take it"
"when did i order dinner and why will i, i have got home made food with me " I said.
"you only told an hour ago " said a guy, sitting on side lower seat , looking surprisingly upwards at me, bending outward from his seat .
"No i dint !! "i told with exclamation
"You said vegeterian " he told
"Oh that i said , but not that i need food......"
"Was he asking for food order then ? "i asked hush hush voice while understanding that i ordered food unknowingly.
" What did you think ? He was conducting a survey, of veg/nonveg people, here in train ? " everyone laughed at his question to me
they all understood it must be my first journey in train .
"I thought he is asking everyone , and everyone is replying, so did i ..." i was so embarrassed.
and i took food quietly.

but till date i remember, how funny was to declare my vegetarian status, when i had no intention of ordering food .:)