Monday, August 18, 2008

How to learn while being alert ..

Whenever you face some prob while studying i feel we shd not read text and just blindly start on thinking the same lines as book is saying i found that we should take it as its a problem with the arrangement of things or in some small household practical terms....try to modulate it in some practical terms

(let me give you an example in multitasking i had to give a schedule for my PC for many tasks where some tasks had priority p1 p2 p3 and so on some had deadlines d1 d2 d3 and so on i was to decide schedule for it . the book gave a schedule i understood that but cd nt own it i mean i cd nt know why only this YES ASK YOURSELF WHY ONLY THIS...WHY ONLY THIS SOLUTION ...then ask your mind HEY MIND what other solution do you have if not this ...
then i modulated the prob in terms i do cooking job in kitchen had a few jobs with priority p1 p2 p3 and some jobs with deadline d1 d2 d3 and so on i scheduled them in best way and ...that's all )

then if it was that very practical prob what wd have been a solution to this

(actually this step brings you in comfort zone with the problem you stop fearing from the problem as if it ws sth from outside .)
now try to give best of the solution.
now if your solution is actually best it will match the book's solution and you are WINNER
but if it is not the best solution then you will find some other solution in book then try to fight with book giving problems you feel the other solution will give and you feel your solution will not face. and .....................................keep it up ...
see yourself getting defeated(OR WIN BUT IN RAREST CASE ...Be Honest !!!) in the process by book's solution in this way you will learn where you were lacking in your solution.
(this way you wont be just a passive entity who only learns a solution when its given ,you will be the one who can create solutions to the problem as book does. trust me!!!!! )
you will learn book's solution through the tight fight but it will be really permanent because you have lived the every nuances of the problem now.

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