Monday, March 30, 2009

"billu barber" and "chandnichowk to china"
are the two movies out of many recently i have spoiled my hard earned money on ....

most hyped with biggest stars but like what u will say to a diwali cracker which doesnt crack at last hindi we say fuss patakha :)
that's what i say them at my home ..

when i read srk's interview he told that he have not seen his movies from long as he wants to save his time and work more he will watch all of them when he'll be old..but i think he shd watch them at least so that he can keep working till he become old..

it shd not be his and his only advertisement and his personal problems solving platform on which we are wasting our time and money ..

now a days u will see low budget movies like dusvidaniya, wednesday , and like are mush better at giving u sth in return of 3 hrs than these big movies i have now stopped askig for first show tickets now i read reviews then only i go for a movie...

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