Monday, December 27, 2010

While Leaving Mumbai....

Once i scribbled here , perhaps the first post of my blog .. Entering Mumbai ..but never knew will write some day leaving mumbai too ..and the day has come going to kolkata, they call it city of joy .

Before questioning why is it called city of joy when people for finding joy in life are leaving it everyday.Does it actually happens that they find the "sought joy" somewhere else or they keep searching it everywhere but it was lying back in city of joy !! Dats a question i feel every native of kolkata bengali or nonbengali (including My husband) is struggling to find answer to .Because of the peculiar patriotism of them , they will go to all parts of country or world discarding kolkata
totally for life But even after 50 years you ask them is life ..They will plaintively say "Its naut that goood as waus in kolkota.."!!
and you cannot escape thinking what the lack has been in their life these 50 years seems all is well..

Now while leaving what i am taking with me are many learning i got to have in my initial bachelor days, spent here ..starting from very small like only from mumbai i learnt to ask rightfully, a man to leave seat , sitting on ladies seat in BEST bus.
to live life in totality, with all opportunities still opened, at any age for you.

The first thing generally people ay about mumbaikars "They are fast , no body has time for others" yes i agree !! But then i would say we really feel breach of our private space in cities where people have too much can have real description of what is happening in my life from any one in neighborhood.
perhaps people in mumbai are not good at managing so many things together, to cope up with information about people around that these encycopedia people are .

no offences meant i liked mumbai so my post might seem biased but then i am human it has right to be biased for a place which i like ...:)

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