Sunday, September 4, 2011

she was alone on road .... part 2

"What's not right piyal? Please stop crying. I will leave you at home safely. No need to worry. I will talk to Ajeet if you say.. ",Jatin tries to calm her.

"Jatin, dont you understand anything? Please dont meddle with my life anymore. We can not continue with it. Its has no existence now in my life. Try to understand.." says piyal with tearful eyes looking into jatin's eyes which have got blood red cracks on piyal's reaction.

"Who says it has no existence? Don't I exist? Don't you? if we exist then it has to exist..",Jatin shakes piyal holding her both arms to make her at least think of his argument.

"Jatin, If you don't understand, you will spoil my life. do you want that?"piyal questions him while pleading him "you have to move ahead and walk in some direction which doesn't coincide with mine. Can you give me that Jatin?"piyal asks hard question so hard to break Jatin into tears. Jatin is not crying like piyal, he
starts sweating as its seen from his wet shirt.

"No, Piyal dont do this to me, we will be friends as you had asked. Just be my friend for this life. I cant imagine to live that life without you again. You dont need to change. Just dont go away. I got the life in my days seeing you again. I was like piyal i was like.." Jatin wipes his sweat from dripping from nose with both hands roughly.
"a man who is working day and night but knowing nothing about what for, But today i have you, i know its you i want to fulfil life of....." Jating smiles while crying simultaneously and looks at pyal with fiery red eyes full of love & passion.

"Are you in your senses Jatin ..." Piyal shouts loud oblivious of people staring at her.
"I am married damn it ..Its an old chapter. Dont behave like that "piyal clutches his hand in her both hands and presses them while urging.

"What about our marriage?" asks Jatin.

Rain has stopped by now.
"Our marriage? Jatin what do you mean by that" Piyal gives a puzzled questioning look. Her hair have dried now and are waving with fast wind blowing across her face.

"Piyal, dont you remember piyal, we married once on jaggu uncle's roof and we pledged we are married from then and you will never leave me hereafter" Jatin says with most innocence seemingly forgotten of world around them. He is requesting just as a child begs for his favorite toy with every right or wrong appeal.

"Jatin, its not real what you are living in. I am married to Ajeet and i have to go he is waiting for me" Piyal collects herself while she looks around for taxi.

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