Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I want to die on a single day !

"Go after knowledge and pursue your interest , success will follow you " says aamir khan in movie "3 idiots".I felt like someone has given words and strength to my dormant malnourished thoughts.
i loved these words as for once i felt that enough is enough!!
After conceding to facts that are scribbled in Hindu scriptures that "i am there forever after this life too" i still would like to state to my parents, to society in which i habitated and to everyone around me that i can see and remember only what's happening with me in this life.
I have one life given to me with the simplest intention by HIM is to "be happy ". But in the hard effort of trying to be happy, i started traversing regions which society considers, will make me happy and i kept on telling myself time and again that i am happy in that only.

I forgot that its me running after success can be easily successful if i start enjoying what i am doing .Then i decided
that i want to study and work only what interests me .
Now at least i would read what i enjoy .I would not let any more days in craving for something else and indulged in doing something else.I would live and die doing what i enjoy most .

May be i am not most affluent person at end time but i will be really happy that i am dying on only the actual day not each day when i was given a chance to live.

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