Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1)woh taiyaar hain sehne ko har gum, ek agli saans ki chah mein
aur hum hain ki har gum par, khudkushi kar rahe hai ..

2)when i want to talk -- i ask for your time my dear 
when we get  time, i ask for your mood to bear
when we have mood and time, i ask for your patience to hear
when we have time mood and patience ---

i say my deep grim story -- of my long caressed dreams --
not  only of career but also of relation love gleams

so long i waited silently for this moments when you are there
to be with my soul moaning for a friend from long with tears

when i find you angry on slightest of talk..
i feel like i have no one who is mine , here
i feel like you are leaving me alone there
i feel like keeping quiet wasn't that tough
the one i face now is more rough

again i go into silence
waiting for my dear friend, lost in woods of work & his duties

where from this anger has come
that has made you turn a deaf ear
to my call
where from this feeling come which
asks me to go very far, very very far instead of
longing to stay with you for whole life
till HIS call.

i feel like my love is no where now
i feel like i am there just like that, there now
i feel like its not the right way of life i lead
i feel like there is so much more we can have ..
so much has changed ,a little softer heart to understand
is all i NEED

i am alone , i will be left alone ,

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