Thursday, June 3, 2010

"what do you think ..he was conducting a survey "he said ..

Its when, i was traveling from Mumbai to Madras for IIT interview after clearing GATE exam.I boarded the train at 3 pm from CST.
Now at around 8 pm a man with pen & paper was coming from other end of my compartment, asking loudly from every one "veg or nonveg ? ".
I, as you might find it difficult to believe, got not at all confused and replied
that I was VEG from my side upper seat .Okay it went well and as it went well, I slept then.

Now at 9 pm that man came again,tapped me and offered me a plate of dinner.
Me coming out of sleep, peeped out of blanket told him "thanks i dont require .".
He said "require means you have ordered it . you will have to take it"
"when did i order dinner and why will i, i have got home made food with me " I said.
"you only told an hour ago " said a guy, sitting on side lower seat , looking surprisingly upwards at me, bending outward from his seat .
"No i dint !! "i told with exclamation
"You said vegeterian " he told
"Oh that i said , but not that i need food......"
"Was he asking for food order then ? "i asked hush hush voice while understanding that i ordered food unknowingly.
" What did you think ? He was conducting a survey, of veg/nonveg people, here in train ? " everyone laughed at his question to me
they all understood it must be my first journey in train .
"I thought he is asking everyone , and everyone is replying, so did i ..." i was so embarrassed.
and i took food quietly.

but till date i remember, how funny was to declare my vegetarian status, when i had no intention of ordering food .:)


Anonymous said...

That's a funny real story....This gave me good laugh !!

Anonymous said...

The Annonymous is Mr. Harsh Kurra