Monday, June 28, 2010

i see you ....

i see you ..

i realize that when

your existence becomes easy
then i think of all things that are starry ;
things other than you seem more cheesy !!

but at a time

when your existence itself becomes
the highest i can ask for ......
then those lavish desires seem so useless
i have 'want' for ........

i see you when i sit alone there
on same table holding a glass of juice

i see you when i feel same smell in air
and wind blow in the same speed

i see you when i see colors suddenly around me
if ever i lift my face while walking down there ....

i see you when i cross the place you used to sit
and the stairs where you crossed me to go ahead

i see you , when i feel like holding an arm ,
just above the elbow , it was a bit rough out there
the roughness assured me that it was there .....

i see you , when i , suddenly stepped towards work
there was that bus you used to get down,
come towards me , in all fights even
waiting just there for me , with a smile as a crown !!

i feel you .. when i go back ,
suddenly find you are sitting there once a while ,
on some of the random seat ........
passing a smile ...........

i see you when its tough and heavy for my arms
i see you when there is not a single ear
to hear my qualms .................

i see you when my door opens suddenly , just before lunch
when there is no one to pay for my brunch

when its unknownness in each eye
i feel you were there when its too far you
just like that far moon in sky .................

but the difference is
you are now more with me in each moment
than you were ever before
as its
when your existence itself becomes
the highest i can ask for ......


NIDHI said...

i wrote it when my husband was away for some time.I had all free "MY time" which i used to ask him for, when we were together; still i was kind of spending time just thinking about him so much in everything .....

Then i realized that all those starry things(denying the pleasure of company together!!)which i used to demand, when he was here were just because he was here and when he is not ... it(his presence!! ) was the only thing i wanted and he seemed to be like with me in every thought of the day .
It felt like i brought him more in every moment of mine , when actually he was away.

Swati Gaur Dharmapurikar said...

Too good Nidhi.....I felt like crying,
he is so lucky.....u love him alot.
God bless u both.