Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Did you like something......" he asked .......

Lets accept it shamelessly ,I being not at all unusual , am a person who tries to chase each single free/discounted offer in the market.

Once i was with my husband in "Center One" mall Vashi Navi Mumbai and intended to buy a handbag.I searched many places but none was into "my range" which mostly is just a little less than what is available in that shop
Finally .....

We reached to a small crowded chinese shop with so many ladies like me searching through many items available in that shop , anything you may ask, starting from tooth brush to accessories to shoes to everything and it was there in that shop at so called "reasonable rates" .I went inside with a hope of a "reasonable price" hand bag.

And... i found one , not only one but two three all together in one corner of shop hanging together on a peg !!

I was happy i found them okay in looks and tried to take out one , but "what was that ?" i found it was heavy .It had something EXTRA inside ...with it fully free

I disentangled one bag from others and tried to judge what is there inside, by shape of object , feeling it from outside of bag..judged from its sound that it was steel sound, later recognized it must be some utensil inside and ..........

i was filled with unspoken satisfaction that finally i found a bag, in reasonable range that too with Free tiffin boxes inside ..i was happy in simple words.

I went with the bag to salesman asking for price telling that i liked it and want to buy it .

"whats d price of it ?" i asked

"Its not for sale mam .."he replied

"but why? "i asked with surprise

"They are staff bags mam ....please choose some thing else from the shop ...." he said candidly ...

I was so embarrassed and wanted to hide myself somewhere into dark pit inside ground while putting his bag back to its place.

I just rushed outside that shop where my husband was waiting and

"did you like something ?" he asked

"yes but......"i said ...............:)

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nitin said...

maja aa gaya mini khshwant singh good piece of story n well written but be cautious in choosing words as hum jaise kuchh anpad fans bhi hai aapke jinke liye kuchh words aise hai jaise bakasur aghasur