Sunday, February 24, 2008

chatter box..

sometimes i think people say to know purpose of life purpose of life by sitting still talking to urself ..i talk to myself and i get to know all the answers which ppl say u shd not get it that i havnt reached that state of mind ..but when will i is going day by day one more day ahead ..if i get to knw purpose only at end ..when they say u don get a single sec more ..oh then i will ...may be repent ..


Poison said...

I would have rather chosen to forget searching the purpose of life :P and just nJoy :)

Rakesh said...

yes forget thinkin to much abt life enjoy it

Dinesh Vashisht said...

hey i also tried a lot to get the answers , bt all in vain, nd wen u wont get those answers u will feel frustrated. so now i jst quit searchig 4 them