Sunday, February 24, 2008

how to study with disciplne and tricks

**Study should be not to just learn but to question and device something new ..
question question ..coz by asking question you may be considered fool by many for a few moments
but by not asking question you will be fool forever :)
**learnt that if while studying we study as if the text written in front of me is by my biggest enemy i m going to find some of his mistake ..we are more alert while studying get to know much more.
**after reading a few pages stop give a break talk to urself what have u learnt ..u will get many corners lying blank
** do more than what is required .. i mean a bit extra .. do all what everyone is doing and a bit more ..
this bit more takes a winner far ahead ..
**repeat this mantra
"i m more than what i appear to be the whole world's strength and power resides in me .Its my birth right to desire and get the best of this world"

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