Sunday, February 24, 2008


**if i do yoga at day start it actually should move along with me whole day .which seems from my day's behaviour ..
if i can transform any troublesome situation's result to a positive result that's yoga with me by add sweetener to a few things a day start rupantaran of a few things coming to ur way .....
**before getting any bad result in life there is always one finest point whee we can go back and revert whole scene.

**thoughts become things may not be today but thoughts become things

**people who have gone beyong imaginable heights have been those who were not only professionally skilled or extraordinarily intelligent ...but those who were may be second in these but were really generous and human loving and took a responsibility to improve world around them ...
u may take tata , big bajaar , reliance ...all had skill but more than that a will to improve world ..that takes them far ahead of all in their league

**People like an artificial flower to be just like real and real flower to be as flashy as artificial , We want soft toy to be as real as real puppy and real dog to be as soft as soft toy ,We want a painting to be as real as a lady in reality and a lady to be as defined as a painting
Are we confused what we want ?

**At a point i was told to do what i feel interested in only then i will be fully into that work.
At other point i was told to take my interests totally to where i work that's called sayanm(in hindi) (self control)

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